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“When I was young I farted with my brother and after 25 years now we poop together. “

Hilarious! Recently I collected love and spiritual poems, stories articles etc. and liked many of the pages on Facebook to get an idea about the kinds of stuff blog sites are churning out. Total crap!…to me at least. It failed to interest me or be of any use to me. A page on mindfulness is completely mindless and an another page writes –

“You’ve been through guys and girls that continued to shatter your heart, like it was just a tiny piece of glass…”

Humanity suffers! No. Not that but…I couldn’t figure out to whom they are serving by creating the kind of literature. Anyway, creating what you like, speaking and writing your own mind is important which shows the kind of people and society we are. It makes society transparent, things we are involved in and directions towards we are taking the society by contributing to it. And my ideas are not rigid towards it. Having all the people of the same mind hardly makes any sense to me. That’s why I support almost everything put on social media which imparts me more freedom, strengthens my will to write anything and everything I wish. A lot of money is involved in this business and writers have the right knack for picking up the mass mind and manipulating it. It just failed to inspire or interest me and makes it more difficult to choose from reading stuffs crammed onto the social media.

The provocative posts are even funnier. From rural India to the USA, it is common to provoke someone, decide a relation and its direction and then make certain things happen. But even among illiterate people in small villages, this is not the virtue of all neither everyone cares about it. It gives me an idea that places or education don’t serve to decide one’s character/ make much difference to how a person uses his mind.

And despite being active on social media what keeps me sane? I cook every day apart from doing other house chores. It has its benefits. A balance is always needed. Perhaps, I am not a lover of words or maybe of some kind of written stuff. I won’t stick any label on it. I just have my own likings. In this crowd of Krishnas, Radhas, Modis, and Rahuls may be I am looking for something different from poop and fart or beef and goat and that would be authentic me for sure. Let us see. Who knows, someday I write similar stuff. You never know!


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Not a poet

The ritual

To have mother’s breath on your forehead,

The warmth of her blessings,

That Pink and honey of cherry blossom,

The tenderness of breeze,

The scent of spring

And the passionate yearnings of love,

All escapes me

I write on a quiet Monday noon

And at numbness of still midnights,

With swollen aching feet

While the madness in me

Flows on paper to find comfort

And smiles with pride.


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A Happy Camper!

I don’t visualize myself strong in intellection theme. All the same, I am my own best companion. I enjoy my time alone. Oftentimes, I enliven by different ideas, methods of learning, which is not just about writing. It can be learning a new recipe as well. Okay, everybody does! I do need my own space to muse and reflect. I haven’t scheduled any time for thinking, per contra. I am one of those who get lost in the work they do. At the same time, when I am thinking, it’s impossible to do anything else. Multitasking is still a gobbledygook to me! Mental hum is not constant to me as to many intellectuals. Oh, intellectuals might alienate me. Feh! Well,…I don’t regret much. 🙂
     Anyways, even a life with no such great regrets is not less than an achievement to me who keeps regretting for peanuts! And that’s one of the most precious thing, I am endowed with. I luxuriate with a content and gratifying life.
Nevertheless, reading is something, I can’t imagine my life without. At the moment I am writing to help a few of workers of a political party to expound on their ideas and raise issues in an effective manner, in my own native language Hindi. Here I have, already, begun something with blogging that makes me more fulfilled and I am planning to do more in near feature. The list follows:
1. I started taking time to write, a set up to crystalize my thoughts.
2. Finding people who like to talk about the same issues I do.
3. Planning to organize or become a member of a discussion group  that addresses subject of interest to me.
4. Looking forward to deliberately build relationships with people who I consider to be ” big thinkers”. Their example will inspire me to focus my own thinking.
Please, feel free to share your ideas, suggestions etc, if any. Thank you.