Gotta tell you!


“When I was young I farted with my brother and after 25 years now we poop together. “ Hilarious! Recently I collected love and spiritual poems, stories articles etc. and liked many of the pages on Facebook to get an idea about the kinds of stuff blog sites are churning out. Total crap! me at… Continue reading Randomness


Not a poet

I write on a quiet Monday noon And at numbness of still midnights,

Gotta tell you!

A Happy Camper!

I don't visualize myself strong in intellection theme. All the same, I am my own best companion. I enjoy my time alone. Oftentimes, I enliven by different ideas, methods of learning, which is not just about writing. It can be learning a new recipe as well. Okay, everybody does! I do need my own space… Continue reading A Happy Camper!