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A feathery brush of Dandelions against your skin

or a hushed pulsation shunning in a quiet corner

sometimes cloaking a secluded reply

a shy smile in a genial demeanor

You can never fathom

the truth they undeniably live.

And if you catch a glimpse of the fulgor

oozing out of the corner of their pure misty eyes

you would witness how tiny droplets of moments

Ripen into the rarest of invaluable

twinkling pearls.


like morning dewdrops

trickling down the blade of grass.


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Let life lead

When enforced on someone,

Imaginary idealism loses its meaning

That awaits voyagers to take it.

Voicing opinion on ways others hit it is often rude,

When you’re oblivious to the journeys of weak seedlings

And it becomes bestial when you know their struggles and scars.

Life begins to lose its meaning when we don’t stand up

Against the crime done to an innocent soul.

We allow a part of our soul to die each time

When we choose to follow the same rotten practices

That kept it veiled in secrecy;

Giving it the sky to proliferate.

Keeping the life light and fun is life-saving,

Not just to some

Rather becomes a must to each, at one point in life.

Politics submerged in fake imaginary fights gets distorted

That catches some meaning only when the ground is laid

To nourish the innocence, beauty and divine creative forces

And let it burst forth, soar newer heights.

Let the soundness of the system protect the rights and choices of each.

Rise, bring out the rebel in you that protects humanity;

Directing it, letting it make and break us

Letting it discipline us,

And the touch of emerging grace kindle our souls.

Let us see how life quietly creates itself.

Let it thrive.

Let life lead.


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The world is more than any poison

Ever so often the anguish that rises in your ambiance is kinda blessing. It’s a mandate that some situation must be removed. Those who bring distractions to your peaceful abode. Especially if the peace is self-earned for which you work hard every day. There will always be those who are keen to water down whatever you do, no matter how good it is. Those who will try to pull you back or hinder your progress whichever possible ways.

So, how was your day today? Did you meet someone who tried to shame or guilt-trip you? Who told you that people are drawn to you only because of your looks and nothing else? That if your exterior is beautiful, you cannot be beautiful inside? Or, you are ugly because you don’t fit their definition of perfection? That you are only a body and not a soul? That you’re not worthy of their love and appreciation unless you follow their dictations? Did anyone fill you with such negativity that you must refuse every bit of appreciation that comes your way? Did you see someone abating the magic you bring to your surroundings? Did someone convince you that it is an ugly world made for cowardice to live in? Of those who are overfull with complex fears attacking others? That love is lust if not blood relation? Did you find someone trivializing all kind of human bonds? Or someone who approves rapes inside the family? For each rapist has people who are his own. Did anyone try to shut you up by pointing a finger at you and force you to suffer? Did you run into someone who is covertly cutting roots of another and has no ability to water it, to bring life to it? Did anyone spill his poison on you today?

But that’s not how it is, honey. If someone tries to make you feel inferior, gives a grimace at your strength and beauty and highlights all the misfortunes you went through, it’s about the person himself. Because there’s no other way than expressing oneself. Crappy people will always come with their crappiness. But darling, this world is not only poison. People who question or doubt other’s choices are doubtful of themselves deep down. Places, where you are made to feel small, are never yours. Those who carry that invisible nastiness despite their sugar-coated words can be felt instantly. They will harden you and make you bitter and unforgiving if you let the poison in. Make a conscious choice else you will become one like them. A free soul feels like a fresh breeze. A medley of fragrances. And you always want to be that. And that’s how boundaries are placed for each person.

Never be convinced that you’re worth the shit and not love and honour. Don’t let the poison get in. Never give it a reason to stay. You deserve every bit of love, honour, appreciation that comes your way. You can be beautiful in the best-est and countless possible ways. A fragrance that cannot be caged. That lingers when you are gone. No matter how you look, what you have, you are enough and you can choose to grow. You can always choose to flow despite that stagnation.


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It’s the process

Running my fingers along the shelf, while doodling through the dust, I quiver slightly as asudden I am awakened from torpor.

It throbs somewhere in the middle as I feel it cracking. I take my faith pulverizing gradually. Puzzled for a while, I begin drowning.

The awful stink of rot and blood suffocates. I surrender to the pain enduringly sinking to my innermost nub, forsaking all the torn up exterior.

This place is alleviating and comforting. The soft core hardens while I find my nerve again. It flashes onto the dark. Relieved, pacific I apprehend.. it’s all justified.

My faith is here intact. Preparing me. Lightly holding my hands . Leading me to the path which only I have the rightful claim. The path which is only mine. Making me what I am meant to be.

The justice has been delivered. Not visible yet. My faith has found me.


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Let us choose

Choose, because life is all about making choices.

So, please, choose. Test, try and validate. Where everyone has his say. But, it’s not about that. It’s about what YOU decide to do.

Always remember, you can still open a whole new can of worms even without making choices that you must.

For not choosing is a choice in itself.

And, in the end, you’re still the only person who is answerable for your life, who is bound to your growth and happiness.

Their choices can be devastating and so can be yours. But, it’s only you who will be made accountable for it and never another.

It’s your life after all and you have command of it.

So, take charge of your destiny. Let us choose and have heart to face whatever comes our way.

Because growth is attainable only by making choices and life is all about growth.


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Life is good!

The blogging world is bustling with activities and I get on with listening to similar sounds. The power of imagination! The uproar of “change” in the labyrinth of blogging communities drew my attention over and over. So, where’s the change? And how much? Sometimes I was flabbergasted by the uniformity in the patterns of various changes. Has the online community changed or it’s my life which is about-faced! Hmmm online community –There have always been attackers involved in feeding frenzy. It goes on year after year. Those who have fun of provocation and grin after attacking, making desired inferences and making you feel bad for a moment. There are ones who might think that a butterfly wrapped herself in their petals, if a woman comments on their posts. Yep, it’s 21st century! And there have been ones who write about spirituality, compassion and the transcendental experiences yet… You read on and on, observe and still await many to rise above office politics. Me? I don’t. Why would I? 🙂 The side effect is while initially I was like ” Na kahu se Dosti…” , now I dislike many and I reckon, I always will. Nevertheless, there still are nicer ones and interesting reads and it always has to be like this – different people with different mindset, each to his own. You like a few, you hate a few and nothing seems to have changed much, except for you know it better. What matters is you learnt and you keep learning. I make mistakes but please excuse my French! Now I can pen some fictions, as well, that sound real. At least I can give it a try. Ahem…There have been a lot of learning but life is supposed to be so, any way.
Thence, now with all the hype about change, where have I reached? How much has my life changed? Let me get the lay of the land before I draw any inference. Yes, old pillars of life have been replaced with newer ones, nonchalantly. Once it was almost impossible to gain weight but now I can’t cut it out! I did learn newer ways of crafting which at times makes me pleased as punch. All the same, I don’t see any change in the direction of life. Those who were connected a decade ago are still in touch. Those who were not still aren’t. Earlier I used to e-mail but now WhatsApp or a phone call works well. There are newer additions to loved ones, youngers and cute angelic faces of new born babies. Now the pillars of my life, my family, are gaining newer strength everyday. Touch wood!  Among all these how do I unwind? By crafting and learning newer things. So far so good. Life is good without too many changes. 🙂