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While rolling Rotis

I was rolling out rotis into not-so-perfect circles, just like Barfi, after I finished dancing exactly like him. Uff, dil ka kya Karun….well, almost! I never ever felt such good in past few years.

Yesterday I saw a half-wit grappling with a girl of 15-16 in her red-white dress. Somehow the girl managed to get rid of the demon and ran towards me. I stood perplexed as she neared me. She was trying to tell me something but I couldn’t quite get her drift. It was clear that she wanted to come with me to feel safe. By then I wasn’t able to take my eyes off her Venus-Mars dress. Finally I threw away all doubts and decided to embrace the gorgeous mess I was in. I passed my Gumcha to her to hold it with her dainty hands while I held the other end. As we drifted along the farms a song was ringing in my ears…

Kartaaa…h awaragi! is pe to dhun chadhi hai pyar ki……

In these lush enchanting meadows the breeze carries an invisible hammock that lightly swings back and forth lulling you to a peaceful comfort of dreamland. Two men were having a pee by the side of the road oblivious to the farmers hidden from the sight. May be one of them was a woman. Not sure…


Today the morning was more beautiful than ever. The sky covered with a mysterious glow was teasingly smiling at me. It’s yonks since​ I felt so wonderful! The mess with all its gorgeousness was​ yielding to a brighter day filled with gags and laughter. I was humming the song to myself while still rolling out rotis…Janeyyyy gum hai kahaan! baaton me hai pada bekaar ki…

Ulti yeh baat hai!

Aise halaat hain……


Photograph saved from the movie Barfi Produced & directed by Anurag Basu

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Time was an angel that floated away as he dashed the hourglass splinter against the rock.

viaDaily Prompt: Dash

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Eudaimonia Reclaimed!

The autotelic dream-weaver breathed and burnt with his work. More than just woolgathering, putting earnest efforts, doing it with complete Meraki. Frequent meeting with new visitors who didn’t speak or understand his language thus failed to appreciate it, was a devastating blow which made him isolophilic. Sequacious people, normally trotting something out, do more harm than any good. The sang-froid was slipping through his fingers accompanied with a growing overwhelming desire to run away which was slowly turning him into a rantipole. He perpetually​ felt like a fish out of water.

While looking for nepenthe, a place elysian a sudden epiphany brought this realization. He didn’t have to lose his unique gifts! Those who brought him down were already far behind him. An aesthete artist, endowed with beautiful thinking and yugen, he didn’t look for ugliness in others like them and soon he found the querencia. He kept on creating his own heaven to inspire many others. Refusing to fall at lower levels he weaved his dreams using wabi-sabi, the art he had mastered. And here you are awestruck at the sight of a selcouth, flawsome, beamish artist who baltered, basking in his own fragrance! Free from stress and sadness, crooning and whistling. He was a belle-âme who contrived to create artists. More than just humans.


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