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A beautiful zen story: An aged monk, who had lived a long and active life, was assigned a chaplain’s role at an academy for girls. In discussion groups he often found that the subject of love became a central topic. This comprised his warning to the young women: “Understand the danger of anything-too-much in your … Continue reading Moderation

The Garbage Truck Story

The Garbage Truck Story

Let me be more attentive and not choose those who proved themselves to be nothing more than a garbage tuck. 🙂

The Sound of One Hand

The master of Kennin temple was Mokurai, Silent Thunder. He had a little protege named Toyo who was only twelve years old. Toyo saw the older disciples visit the master's room each morning and evening to receive instruction in sanzen or personal guidance in which they were given koans to stop mind-wandering. Toyo wished to … Continue reading The Sound of One Hand

A Pair of Mustachios

“In fact, there are endless styles of mustachios, all appropriate to the wearers and indicative of the various orders, as rigorously adhered to as if they had all been patented by the Government of India or sanctioned by special appointment with His Majesty the King or Her Majesty the Queen.And any poaching on the style of one class by members of another is interpreted by certain authorities as being indicative of the increasing jealousy with which each class is guarding its rights and privileges in regard to the mark of the mustachio.” ~ Mulk Raj Anand

वयं रक्षामः (प्रस्तावना के कुछ अंश)

"साहित्य जीवन का इतिवृत्त नहीं है। जीवन और सौन्दर्य की व्याख्या का नाम साहित्य है। बाहरी संसार में जो कुछ बनता-बिगड़ता रहता है, उस पर से मानव-हृदय विचार और भावना की जो रचना करता है, वही साहित्य है। साहित्यकार साहित्य का निर्माता नहीं, उद्गाता है। वह केवल बांसुरी में फूंक भरता है।" ~ आचार्य चतुरसेन

Sansara & Nirvana

Sansara & Nirvana

"The opposite of every truth is just as true! That's like this: any truth can only be expressed and put into words when it is one−sided. Everything is one −sided which can be thought with thoughts and said with words, it's all one−sided, all just one half, all lacks completeness, roundness, oneness. " ~ Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha