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Leaders With or Without Followers

Leaders With or Without Followers

"Leaders without followers are strong in their malleability, not in rigid ideology."

Foolery Quotes

Failure is unimportant. It takes courage to make yourself a fool. - Charlie Chaplin

Attitude of Society Towards Rape

Statements made by Mukesh Singh, one of the men convicted of brutally raping and murdering a 23-year-old girl in a moving bus- Nirbhaya gange-rape case. Ironically, this is, still the attitude of our society towards women and we are so surprised that rape cases are increasing day-by-day. 🙂 Generally, a drunken rapist who fails to … Continue reading Attitude of Society Towards Rape

Crafting – Out of Discarded Keys

Crafting – Out of Discarded Keys

Splendid craftsmanship by the Australian artist --  Michael Moerker, using only discarded keys! Masha Allah! The beauty inside each of us is immeasurable and infinite, only if we find it. Free images saved from Google.

Kittens ! :)

Beauty!!! Free Google Images

Listen to the whisper

" I didn't have a choice. " ~ Steven Speilberg