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Funny Looking Cow!

“Oh, what a funny-looking cow,” the young city-girl said to Mulla Nasruddin.

“There are many reasons,” said Nasruddin, “why a cow does not have horns. Some do not grow them until late in life. Others are dehorned. Some breeds are not supposed to have horns. and, this particular cow does not have horns because it is a horse !”

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A young playwright gave a special invitation to Mulla Nasruddin to watch his new play. The Mulla came to the play, but slept through the entire performance. The young playwright was indignant and said, “How could you sleep when you knew how much I wanted your opinion?”

“Young man,” said Nasruddin, “sleep is an opinion.”

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To Be Relieved

Mulla Nasruddin thought he was going to die with a toothache. He asked his friend, “What can I do to relieve the pain?”

“I will tell you what I do,” his friend said. “When I have a toothache, or a pain, I go over to my wife, and she puts her arms around me, and caresses me, and soothes me until finally I forget all about the pain.”

Nasruddin brightened up and said: “Geee, that’s wonderful ! Is she home now ?”

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Only when I laugh

A young preacher was just getting acquainted with his duties. One of his first chores was to visit the hospital where Mulla Nasruddin, a member of his flock, was confined as a result of an automobile accident. The Mulla had been seriously injured: a broken leg, both arms broken, a broken collar bone, terrible cuts over his face and head, and several broken ribs. He was so thoroughly bandaged and taped and strapped up that only his two eyes and mouth were showing.

The young preacher was at a loss for words, but realized that he must say something, so he asked the Mulla: “How do you feel today? I suppose all of those broken bones and cuts cause a great deal of pain. Do you suffer very much?”

“No, not much” said Nasruddin, “Only when I laugh ! ” 

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Do I have a choice, sir ?

Mulla Nasrudin had been calling on his girlfriend over a year. One evening the girl’s father stopped him as he was leaving and asked, “Look here, young man, you have been seeing my daughter for a year now, and I would like to know whether your intentions are honourable or dishonourable?”

Nasrudin’s face lit up. “Do you mean to say , sir ,” he said, “that I have a choice ? ?”