Hello readers,

I am a housewife with plenty of interests. I begun this site by sharing tiny bits of info, prose, poetry etc. Later I developed an interest in writing blogs and tried my hand at poetry apart from short write-ups. So, the site subsumes a collection of reads under the category ‘Collections’. Apart from that the posts I have penned down can be found under the category ‘My scribbles’.

No matter what kind of turbulence​ occurs in your life, reading helps in thousands ways. It revives the spirit , reveals simple shifts you can make to sustain a sense of peace and power in your life. And by writing I try to crystalize and integrate my thoughts. Blogging is an another way to connect with like-minded people.

Please​ do read and leave a few words about it. I earnestly look for genuine comments from astute readers. Hope you enjoy reading ! Have fun ! All daaaa best! 🙂

Peace and love

Smita Ray