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Everyone’s own world

Ethicality was merely a convenience. When ethics crossed each other, wronged each other, each query they posed had an inherent seed of its own destruction. Conclusively, conflicts were illusions. And I am still amazed by the intricacies of human’s ability to feel and absorb which is unique to each of us despite we all follow the same universal procedure to send and receive signals in our minds. The same Mr Neuron carries out the job. Our unique ability to feel. Not like getting hurt at petty things to target a scapegoat but beneath that. And when it flows out to words, it’s again like everyone else’s. We have a certain set of words( how many of them we learn, makes it slightly different), body languages, same yes or no, if and but. And then I often stumble on what-ifs. What if we had words for each feeling! What if we was able to see each of the all 10 million colours?

Thence, these contradictions give rise to our world. I am surprised how beautifully we flow with others stories that they tell themselves, their ideas and reasons. If we could feel them, it would have been different. But it’s another miracle or a way of life that the mind always adapts to foreign ideas, views and makes it own even without getting the perspective. The magic of the creator, it’s the beginning of our world, everyone’s own world -where we actually live in. Lately, I was frisking a secret door in this.