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Let life lead

When enforced on someone,

Imaginary idealism loses its meaning

That awaits voyagers to take it.

Voicing opinion on ways others hit it is often rude,

When you’re oblivious to the journeys of weak seedlings

And it becomes bestial when you know their struggles and scars.

Life begins to lose its meaning when we don’t stand up

Against the crime done to an innocent soul.

We allow a part of our soul to die each time

When we choose to follow the same rotten practices

That kept it veiled in secrecy;

Giving it the sky to proliferate.

Keeping the life light and fun is life-saving,

Not just to some

Rather becomes a must to each, at one point in life.

Politics submerged in fake imaginary fights gets distorted

That catches some meaning only when the ground is laid

To nourish the innocence, beauty and divine creative forces

And let it burst forth, soar newer heights.

Let the soundness of the system protect the rights and choices of each.

Rise, bring out the rebel in you that protects humanity;

Directing it, letting it make and break us

Letting it discipline us,

And the touch of emerging grace kindle our souls.

Let us see how life quietly creates itself.

Let it thrive.

Let life lead.




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