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A Few “Truths” Of The Virtual World

We can’t escape the fact that nowadays social media affects everyone’s life. And interestingly you get to know life’s most fascinating truths – “BrahmGyan!” here especially if you have a well set active group where you can share, discuss, argue literally everything.

Your virtual world experience gets a lot more enjoyable and stress-free when you understand that whatever is written here are just words of someone else and no way a real-life experience. Even an abuse is not going to slap you if you don’t choose to. It is not real and you can easily leave it or choose to stick to it. You have all power here but what you read or write is your responsibility and it’s the greatest power if you understand it and put it to use.

Negative aspects of social media: A victim of emotional abuse on social media writes:

“Cutting contact with toxic people will transform your life. At first, it feels miserable. Like you’re going cold turkey from an addiction but as time goes on, you come to discover that each passing day brings unexpected new blessings. You begin to develop self-respect, boundaries, and true friendships. Instead of running around absorbing & forgiving everything, you spend time with people who don’t not behave in a way that requires constant explaining to begin with. This freedom allows your spirit to thrive. Someday, you will look back and wonder how you even tolerated interacting with such unhealthy people. Your new self begins to feel protective of your old self, and that’s a pretty neat place to be!”

How true! No matter how ugly one’s Internet behaviour is, ridiculously, the reason of negativity on social media is often emotions or truth. One of the best advice is – STOP EATING EMOTIONAL POISON. Read or stay in contact with those with healthy Internet behaviour and who have a good idea of it. No matter how much they are putting/participating in their communities. Read only emotionally healthy stuff.


Suppose Tulsi Das were alive now. When he left his wife you would read people updating status elaborating family love in countless beautiful ways, and you would find several people “liking” those stuffs. The same people who never lived Tulsi Daas’s life but generously share pieces of stuff written by him – just a matter of convenience. Be aware of such people who have no idea of personal boundaries while they constantly try to blackmail you emotionally in one way or other or put emotionally hurting stuffs. Be extra-careful of those who constantly take things personally. And NEVER EVER DO CROWD PLEASING.


Similarly, a little concern about what to express and what not to makes it a better experience. Truth is what exists/happens including numerous things you won’t like to share on social media. It’s a matter of privacy and one’s priorities which have nothing to do with good or bad as people do share their painful or bad experience too. Everything that you are trying to hide is a truth. But that’s not the only truth. Why you want to hide it, why one wants to reveal it, is also a truth. It’s more a responsibility rather than just a truth.

A common trick you often find people playing is – You saw this and you have such thoughts so you understood this. Can you see it has nothing to do with the truth? In my personal experience, such people go too far and cross all levels of stupidity to straighten your perspectives and mostly don’t like you responding in a similar manner. You can choose how to respond to it and are no way bound to have the same perspective others put to it. Neither has it any impact on your way of living. Whenever you feel there’s a need to learn something, you do.

So, your perspective matters more than truth when you express something. Your perspective can be vulgar no matter how good something is which more or less depends upon your upbringing, your family environments, friends and your life experiences. Hence, leave out the truth (your version of truth i.e assumptions ) you can never take responsibility of any truth, the truth will take care of you and everything else but you are responsible of what you express, how you touch other’s lives despite all your individual freedoms. You can always contribute to making your virtual world experience healthy and enjoyable. Express all you wish but in a decent and healthy environment, people never disobey personal boundaries. You know nothing about others struggles. Be kind. It doesn’t mean if you ever made a mistake you will be killed or you can’t get away without a punishment. You can put a better perspective any time, choose to behave differently, rectify your misconceptions etc etc.

While being part of a virtual community, it is important to keep your emotional health on a check. Take the total liberty of how you use it. Strictly cut off all dramas. Avoid responding to negative locutions. Mind you, people don’t land to the asylum to spend their vacations or because they forget how to calculate or how to cook but out of any emotional disturbance. Your emotional health is the ultimate necessity. Read everything but avoid unnecessary sentimentality. Stop getting touchy. Avoid those who do. Avoid putting family dramas on net as much as possible and cut off those who do. Surround yourself with people who make your day lighter and not your personality, who respect your choices. Avoid those who make insincere remarks. Check your priorities and do things accordingly, never be bullied. Whether you know a person or not, be wary of unhealthy internet behaviour, often people behave very differently in the virtual world from the real life.

That’s all for today. Hope this helps. Have a great day!