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The Race

The way of becoming loyal and loving when you wrong others
By provoking weaklings,
You know when to get hurt in all this
It seems, right with the analogy –
“You are worth the shit but I am sensitive”
“I am entitled to shame others,
For I’ve mastered this art
And I have been successfully doing that”
And after a while the race of your dreams fades away;

The most compassionate act is donating (loyalty?)
It springs from such negativity
That I have no choice left but discard it altogether.
Forgiveness was evidently not something to be learnt from you;
So, perhaps, the lesson is selective forgiveness,
To fulfil your dreams?

The part of conspiracy is complete when,
You don’t convey the info to the one
Who is made an opponent
With your excellent verbal endowments
And the unbeatable Uranus wisdom;
You’re right.

I didn’t wrong you but opposed.
Because I too had this right.
I still hold it, same as you.
And behold how life flows,
When your dreams are still yours.
Only yours.
And I am celebrating your victory
It announces freedom from the venom spilt on me,
And your magic.