My scribbles · Perturbations


A witty riposte and the art of provocation

Sometimes the attribute of lower minds

That makes things ugly as hell

Makes all the difference.

Which is weird….

It runs through veins, disrupting hearts,

Explodes every nook and cranny of the grey matter

Each time the power of a timely and faultless provocation

Makes an interesting character

Leading to a highly reactive environment

Capable of manipulating the conscience of many.

Now the wit transforms into emotions!


Sometimes emotions are weird…

Tears are weirdly punctual

When only a few have the right to have sentiments

That incessantly get hurt

And strength is thrust upon “the others”.

Then perpetually rising bitterness paves the path.

You learn to choose who’s your own?

And weirdly choose your responsibility towards them

Morality and sometimes nationality is pretty weird…

When you’re told to step back

So that those who are already spitting

And ceaselessly assail you,

Who never stop, could shine.

Perhaps, your presence outshines them

And the way it is told makes an interesting seasoning!

The priestly wit, mostly, has a muddy rude performance

Based on body shaming, and exaggerated dressing senses

And a million little things like them…

It demands the aggravated arrogance to be defended

But I choose to balance the two – nettiquette and the courage

Never be bullied into silence.

The dead are silent but silence kills too.

What cannot be brought into life again

and never defies you,

A change is weirdly loyal.