Captain Corelli’s Mandolin : Dialogues

Movies, even more precisely, a thought or an idea often has a lasting impact on us. Captain Corelli’s Mandolin used to be my favorite movie during my college days. I found this piece from a blog and couldn’t help sharing it. To read full text please click the link: http://movie0-0.blogspot.in/2017/03/captain-corellis-mandolin-2001.html

“It must be very difficult for you to have to put up with us.
It must be very difficult for you to have to live with yourself.
You lie in the sun and swim in the sea…
… and flirt with your prostitutes.
And there are people I know, people I grew up with…
… who are fighting for their lives and dying for what they believe in.
And all you do is sing!
What’s there to sing about?
We are in the middle of a war, not an opera house.
And here you think you are so cultured with your pasta…
… and your panettone and your puffed-up opera.
Why don’t you take your holiday on somebody else’s island?
What is there to sing about?”

“There is singing when babies are baptized…
… when you celebrate a marriage.
Men sing as they work.
Soldiers sing as they march into battle.
And there is singing when people die.
I’ve always found something in life worth singing about.
And for that, I cannot apologize.
For the fact that I’ve caused you pain, I cannot apologize enough.
I have not been able to imagine until now…… the offense I have given.”