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I am trusting the magic

It’s the test,

when you zero in on one of the multiple choices,

And, you choose strength;


It’s a tribute to the nurturing power, the ability to inspire;

And honouring the undying quest,

The matchless art of finding beauty in everything ;


An applaud to the unflinching fortitude

That chooses to make mistakes and grow,

That never stagnates;


It’s the faith in man’s valour

And rising above crappy dull lives,

Devoid of any lights;


It’s a way of refusing visible garbage

And its rotten stink,

A rebel against muddy waters gushing from dark holes;


It’s the trust in dreams and aspirations of hearts,

And its power to rise above triviality,

That make a man;


The soaring joyfulness,

The rhythm of waves,

The waltz of ruffling leaves,

And crooning of hearts,


It’s a matter of choice.

Always the story of overcomers.


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