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The world is more than any poison

Ever so often the anguish that rises in your ambiance is kinda blessing. It’s a mandate that some situation must be removed. Those who bring distractions to your peaceful abode. Especially if the peace is self-earned for which you work hard every day. There will always be those who are keen to water down whatever you do, no matter how good it is. Those who will try to pull you back or hinder your progress whichever possible ways.

So, how was your day today? Did you meet someone who tried to shame or guilt-trip you? Who told you that people are drawn to you only because of your looks and nothing else? That if your exterior is beautiful, you cannot be beautiful inside? Or, you are ugly because you don’t fit their definition of perfection? That you are only a body and not a soul? That you’re not worthy of their love and appreciation unless you follow their dictations? Did anyone fill you with such negativity that you must refuse every bit of appreciation that comes your way? Did you see someone abating the magic you bring to your surroundings? Did someone convince you that it is an ugly world made for cowardice to live in? Of those who are overfull with complex fears attacking others? That love is lust if not blood relation? Did you find someone trivializing all kind of human bonds? Or someone who approves rapes inside the family? For each rapist has people who are his own. Did anyone try to shut you up by pointing a finger at you and force you to suffer? Did you run into someone who is covertly cutting roots of another and has no ability to water it, to bring life to it? Did anyone spill his poison on you today?

But that’s not how it is, honey. If someone tries to make you feel inferior, gives a grimace at your strength and beauty and highlights all the misfortunes you went through, it’s about the person himself. Because there’s no other way than expressing oneself. Crappy people will always come with their crappiness. But darling, this world is not only poison. People who question or doubt other’s choices are doubtful of themselves deep down. Places, where you are made to feel small, are never yours. Those who carry that invisible nastiness despite their sugar-coated words can be felt instantly. They will harden you and make you bitter and unforgiving if you let the poison in. Make a conscious choice else you will become one like them. A free soul feels like a fresh breeze. A medley of fragrances. And you always want to be that. And that’s how boundaries are placed for each person.

Never be convinced that you’re worth the shit and not love and honour. Don’t let the poison get in. Never give it a reason to stay. You deserve every bit of love, honour, appreciation that comes your way. You can be beautiful in the best-est and countless possible ways. A fragrance that cannot be caged. That lingers when you are gone. No matter how you look, what you have, you are enough and you can choose to grow. You can always choose to flow despite that stagnation.


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