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Beyond limitations

My thoughts are roving around their conjectures and perceiving. They came rampant a short while ago and I am sipping their cautionary truth, their regrets, efforts and disappointments out of failed attempts to frighten another. Their malleable quests that fall into the arena of others which is not touched by them. The precarious state of their odyssey and forsaken courses. What is absent inside, you cannot find outside.

And I am back home again, serene, curling up on the couch, lightly closing my eyes. Before letting the recent visit washed away, I lay my eyes upon it..

You cannot seek the answer of someone else’s quest. You cannot be made wise by someone else’s wisdom. You cannot be scared by someone else’s fears. You cannot be fooled by another’s foolery. You cannot become happy with someone else’s happiness. A cunning conjecture or wordplay simply has no power over you. Nothing has power over you unless you make it yours. You cannot be limited by someone else’s limitations.

It’s the statement of your freedom and your power over you. You can tap the unquantified source of strength. Your ability to mould and shape yourself and choose the direction.

Life goes on as usual but the precious liberation brought to you by each experience is worth the pain. Worth living.




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  1. It’s the best thing. 🙂 When I read your, Pradipta’s blog, I can see, there’s a magic. I feel more assertive. But there are only a handful of such bloggers.

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