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What do you read?

Does reading affect the quality of your thoughts? Choose something worth reading and you remain inspired all day. I try to choose quality over quantity and generally cut out all which is some kind of repetition, opinion stuffed social garbage, gossiping, and negative stuffs etc and look for something new, creative and worth reading. Power-packed text that motivates and refreshes your view and not drain you. I normally read something interesting, humorous, serious or ultra-serious but rarely mediocre or negative.

Hence, if mediocrity is a trend, choose topics​ mindfully worth reading. It tells a lot about the person who writes. His bringing up. The direction his mind works towards. The environment he lives in, the topics he grew up discussing. What kind of intent the person has. The quality of his mind.

There are always some interesting topics ranging from the age-old wisdom of Tao, Zen, Vedas etc. to numerous contemporary reads. So much to learn from. Countless interesting topics apart from that age-old tradition of social garbage. Cramming is a disease that spreads across the internet. It drains. The quality of reading​ affects the quality of your mind and thus the life you live regardless of what you have. Be wary of what you take in, and you are a winner.




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  1. I totally agree..What we read and watch, leave impressions on our unconscious minds…I’m not a voracious reader. I choose selectively, and my personal library reflects who I’m.

    1. Hello Surya! That’s great to know. It makes sense. Making right choices is imperative for our sanity, all kinds of health & growth. Thanks for dropping by.

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