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Bullying – The curse of society

You don’t invite bullies yet, a number of times, they are your guests. We can’t say that this is the world of bullies, all the same, there’s no place where you don’t find bullies – from school to college, amid your peers and friends or even in this virtual world. Everywhere. Cyber-bullying is a common phrase now. Mob is the character of bullies. Bullies don’t have anything like self-worth.

They always fail to be compassionate, to appreciate you or support ( They are oblivious to these word and its meaning. ) others – when they do.

Here are some common observations about bullies:

  1. A bully lacks the strength of character. They have nothing to talk about themselves other than some show off. Bullies mostly talk about others.
  2. A sentimental person is an easy target of bullies. Bullies never intend to see others attracting​ attention. They want it for themselves.

  3. A bully has no ability to uplift others rather he will put his heart and soul to make your efforts or work look futile.

  4. A bully lacks self-esteem. He has no respect for others. He is just seeking attention not by supporting you – ” I am a bully and that’s why I need your attention otherwise I will harm you this or that way.” A bullies is never worthy of any attention.

  5. Obviously no one invites bullies still they come to read your content and then blame you back for something. It’s always intentional. You may often find a bully with a pathetic way of analysing “your stuffs” or anything about you. Isn’t it interesting?

  6. Often a bully wants to become your “special one” while all he deserves is your disgust .

  7. A bully may reach out to you only to attack your reputation, personal space, your friends and peers or any of your support system that stands by your side that doesn’t support bullying.

  8. A bully tries to make his attacks appear as national issues. While more chances are that he hasn’t done anything for humanity or nation. His only motive is to draw attention.

  9. A bully has no ability or intention to appreciate others for their qualities or take part into any activity. The lack of self worth makes them violently seek attention in the outer world.

  10. In order to draw attention they frequently cross personal boundaries. They have ” I am more than you in your life” attitude.

  11. A bully will always try to make your efforts or works or anything of you useless or futile unless it’s of any use to them. They always feed the darker side of mass ( like-minded people who support bullying) instead of uplifting them.

  12. It’s common for bullies to have problems at home. Sometimes a bully experiences serious relationship issues between his parents which contributes to an unhealthy idea about the world and relationships. They never believe in any healty personal, professional or any relationship.

  13. Often a bully is the person whom you might have given more attention or respect in the past, than he deserves . Bullies have past issues. They MUST be handled strictly.

  14. Bullies normally fail to introspect about themselves. There are just a few who catch their tendencies before it gets severe. A bully is generally unashamed of his misdeeds.

  15. There are bullies who have been bullied in the past by family ( unhealthy family environment ) or peers in the societies where bullying is supported. In such cases the bully is a victim himself.

  16. In many cases the bully envies the victim. The reason is victim’s popularity. And the bully spills all his frustration over the victim.

There’s no doubt that bullies MUST be discouraged at their each attempt to harm other. Their confidence about their ability to damage others must be taken as a threat to any healthy society. Never compromise your self-respect, your happiness for them. Mind you their insecurities and damaged persona doesn’t allow them to watch others happy. Often bullies are psychos who live in their own world (of others).

Please, discourage bullies in your community to make it a bully-free world and to maintain the health and hygiene of this space. It’s my humble request to the blogger communities.

And lastly, Please do share your views about bullies, if you have any experiences with them and how you dealt with it. Thanks for reading.




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