A flame that flickers

Fireflies are frisking in the dim darkness. There’s an earthen lamp with a flickering flame. Is it shrieking and sobbing? Maybe it’s just a wobbly whisper which finally settles down into quietude. Apparently, it is battling against the dark. In one way or the other, it has succeeded. And when it’s gone, the darkness will be defined as — the absence of light.
The soul of this lamp is for everyone. This flame, the potentiality, and verve are always there. Then how is it that we don’t even flicker? We are awaiting someone to kindle the lamp. And that someone seems almost impossible to be reached. Because each is busy making a noise. We are perturbed by something which has nothing to do with us. The noise never really has anything to do with anyone.
We are not a harbinger of hope. We never go to tell anyone that things will become better. We never come forward to put a smile on someone’s face. We break the broken and defeat the weak. We have to win. The triviality of triumph!


Photo Credit: eyeem.com