Indecent Morality

Family bonds are exclusively significant. Exquisite. You have brothers, notorious for their unique ways of interacting with girls. Well well well…it’s your personal matter and none of others business! Not even of those girls! You don’t allow even the victim to utter a word against it. Your brother can be a drunken asshole but you can’t take a word against it. None can lift a finger against…Actually, there’s a valid reason why you talk shit about “others” — true measure and a benchmark of intellect that adds glory to your education and bringing up when you fail to find another way to prove yourself better. Envy is the root cause of a million evils.

Education is a misleading term that rarely defines a person. Watch out their acts and their intentions come off like shining letters on a blackboard. No matter what and where you study, women in your family, the surroundings lay the bedrock on which strata of wisdom is layered. Perhaps, you have only degrees and no such a stratum or, you never grew as a human.

It doesn’t take much to teach a child to understand personal boundaries, nevertheless, impossible when your thoughts are grounded on the lowest morality. And your every moment passes with the fear that others will cross yours too. Ironically, you have granted others the same rights. There’s nothing like the conscience of convenience.

It’s really strange how people take relations for granted and poop and fart over it thinking that others enjoy their stink or they are blind, dumb or…dead? What a sad plight to witness! You choose the place and point fingers towards someone just out of the conscience of convenience and you find the finger broken as well as the relation in return while other three are still pointing at you.

Respect for others comes when you have it for yourself. In abundance. If not, all the words of fake formalities come a cropper leaving only scars behind and nothing else to keep. And if you have it, you can’t compromise it.