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A Hunch or Conscience?

Life has always been grooming you for what it had in its bag. An unhurt divination guides or rather takes you in its realms. The language only you sense, apprehend. Not in words thence refers to no thought and difficult to express in words. Impossible to understand without experience as it is a perpetual experience. Subtler than an emotion. And they let their minds drift along Siddhartha’s world. To some it’s an imagination of parallel worlds. There’s none. And an imagination is not the experience. It’s nothing like a hallucination. No face, no identity, not even human, living or non-living. Existential facts are essentially the matter of experience and not of ratiocination. Your surrender to it.. is not decided by you is another fact. In a way, it’s not a compulsive act either rather it yields up all forms of acts with utter ease. The authority has all controls. Where could you find a mightier, trustable, unfailing guidance and auspices!

Agreed. I am not too wealthy or modern to keep my house stuffed with all the latest gadgets, not a genius or endowed with any verbal ability or command over the language. Still, scarcity has been felt only with wrong people. With wrong people everything becomes wrong. And I don’t worry about what is right. Never have discovered any defined rule that truly exists or is followed. Rather, I pay heed to how and when something becomes right.

The journey has more to do with inner growth rather than the outer one. To work upon weaknesses and find the strength that prepares for the next challenge life brings. Never quit. The difference between taking up a challenge calmly, quietly and becoming quiet out of quitting is huge. A challenge means increased pace and a leap forward. If you are not capable, it won’t get to you. A rare blessing it is that you deserve and must take up. Right or wrong each move is worth making. I am heartily grateful to each and every support that blows in. The bedrock has been overlaid.


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7 thoughts on “A Hunch or Conscience?

    1. How come? Similar experiences?
      Yes, I believe everything happens for a reason. Even when I see anarchy which is common in society, I try to find meanings. We all are born with some deficiencies, for instance I may lack inner courage or something else and life will bring situations when we grow through it. If we are brave enough to take the journey, life begins to unfold. I believe that we are born to finish some tasks, life will take us to it.

      1. Similar experiences, yes, I can say that.

        Like, One sure would not like being mocked at, for the things they are not good at.

        What i believe is, If one says they are not good at something, that’s it. There should not be a second question to provoke it and when need be that it is not necessary to be good at it.

        I so much agree to the part where, if we were destined to do something, everything leads us there!

        1. Is it about this post? I am so sure I wasn’t mocking at anyone. I prefer to tell the person directly if there’s something about him that bothers me. That too only in case it has something to do with me. Therefore what I really find of any importance is the decision someone makes in a particular​ situation rather than any skill. I value character more than expression and hardly find myself in a situation when….

  1. We are each warriors of our own times Smita ji. When we step out of our protective shell, we each encounter forces much more powerful than we are. What we learn through testing ourselves on the combat zones of our eon becomes the textbook protocol for how we shall live out the remainder of our life. The glorious skirmishes and daunting conflicts that we encounter, and what we learn from vigorous engagements on the battlefield of time, inscribe the story of our lives.

    Ps- I was missing this space for long, always a privilege to hear your thoughts 🙂

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