Time flies. It feels great to acknowledge that a year is complete on WordPress. Well, I’m late! How does it feel? Aah, absolutely wonderful! ( to be late? Nope! ) It has been fun and full of creativity, so far. I feel truly honoured and humbled by the support and the interest shown by fellow bloggers while I am not even able to read posts regularly due to lack of spare time.

What motivated me towards writing blogs? — My friends on Facebook. An amazing bunch of people who opened a whole new world for me. A world like nowhere else. Friends. 🙂 It’s really funny that, in the beginning, everyone was ragged except me! Where members were loved and pampered like a child. So many people wanted to join the group but it wasn’t for everyone. In fact, many were removed from the group who were rude, showed attitude or fake humility or not approved by other members of the group. Ego was a big no. It was a group of people full of creativity and childlike humor. How fun it was when one puts one smiley in the comment section, another two and the next one three!!! 😀 😀 Say, one of them rides a buffalo rather than a lion –  unlike Mahishasurmardini! Still, she is a friend. 😉 Mitran de sang sab kuch all right si! We can express freely, pull legs of each other and this freedom comes naturally, readily. The whole group often performed on a theme.  We often had “shikar” or ragging of some of the people who used to post quotes of great people to degrade another. Using big names to do such mean act on social sites was never accepted. But it was all fun&humor and never rude. The line of decency was never crossed or perhaps, there wasn’t such thing between us when we danced on the tune of the ghost of laughter! Despite all the crazy humor we had or planned, these people had a certain set of values they always followed which is rare, not seen everywhere. They rarely went to break other’s groups or made bad remarks about each and everyone. Apart from group activities we posted on each other walls, wished birthdays, celebrated festivals. Regardless, how one looked we all were stars for each other! 🙂 🙂 None would say, you look ugly even if you do! Unlike other groups, we hardly made negative remarks or left a friend without any positive feedback on their DPs which was hardly a formal one like others. Unlike those who envy comments on other’s photos, compete or ‘ like’ a sarcastic post to make fun of the person. So sickening!

We rarely returned a like for a like. It was never a business. These people willingly helped the needy, made pages to share and appreciate those who worked for humanity and took interest in encouraging and supporting groups and people who worked for some good cause or anyone talented. Nothing like those with backward mentality who laugh at citizens of other states to feel elated. It was a big NO!  And I began to understand a new meaning of family with all the positivity it brought. What if a family member starts judging you on seeing you being offended, or begins to maintain his relations instead of standing up for a family member? It would be horrible!!! It was a family which is always there when you need them. As a rock. And so you become as well. A rock. A family is an attitude indeed and not just a label. Where values are lived and not just talked to win a point. Honouring one’s space is a must to keep any relationship respectable. But it wasn’t just a family. They were and are friends and I have only blessings for them, for their spouses, kids and all their loved ones. Countless memories. Of my home in the virtual world. While many try to smear and besmirch those outside their group, read between the lines and similar things and are sunk in the mud, these people liked to connect them without sitting on another’s head. How unlike! I am indeed honoured to the core for becoming a part of it. Nostalgic, full of gratitude! Thank you guys for all what you are. For being you.



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