Tiny Miracles

Amid the rain kissed trees and drenched meadows,

The rustling of dripping leaves that rains on the heart of terra

At the caress of mist laden cool breeze;

The dampness of hoofprints on wet soil,

The petrichor dispersed around,

Mingling with the fragrance of blossoms

Taking away senses,

Washes the spirits of sound from cognizance;

I beam as I espy the tiny snail inching towards me;

A speck of miracle thrashing all lifeless philosophies,

Makes words pulsate again to flow with renewed vigour.


Picture saved from amazinganimalphotos​.com



3 thoughts on “Tiny Miracles

    1. Hello Namrata! Welcome to my blog. Yes, nothing more beautiful than recapturing our innocent childhood. I am glad my post reminds you of that. Thanks for visiting. Great day ahead! 🙂

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