Cheap cloths

An unprosperous local bus conductor worked his fingers to the bone all day throughout the year to feed his family. He worked equally hard through hot muggy summer days and chilling winters. Tiny beads of sweat glistened on his forehead during his work. He wiped them with a towel and tried to repose himself on his seat from time to time. Daily commuters heading to their workplace on their scooters, bikes or AC cars beheld him everyday. A few of very rich and highly descended noble men occasionally laughed at him while some looked at him with great sympathy. Once a very kind-hearted noble man offered him a bag full of costly decent cloths just out of compassion as the conductor had helped him when his car failed to start. However, it seemed suicidal, the bus-conductor hesitated to accept the gift. One day the bus-conductor fell ill and unfortunately died within a week. And guess what! He was still in his cheap dress bought with his own hard-earned money from the local market.

Moral of the story: Bus – conductors are supposed to die in cheap cloths!