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Why I don’t retaliate against them

Troubled? Come on, It’s just a noise. But…noise troubles. Right? In the virtual world social communities when a person continuously forces you to see thing from his or her perspective and tries to prove that only the person is right, it troubles. Especially when a person conveniently humiliates or crosses his boundary again and again. Then, at one point you feel, it must stop. Forever. For instance, Recently, I refused to agree that hundreds of groups on social sites calling each other India, Pakistan or with different names are not countries but different groups that fight with each other and I have no interest in any of these. Anyone who wishes to fight may do that. In fact whoever is interested in these things, you can’t stop him. But my first concern is a healthy environment. That’s why I express freely but like to keep a little distance from people and it’s easy. You have a lot of works to do aside from the internet. Yet, I don’t deny that we bump into those who are a pain in the neck. That’s why when I told Pummy Aunty that I have too many good and bad experiences on net and it’s I who decides what to keep and what to let pass, it aggravated her!

There’s something to ponder about — how do these social media work? Perhaps, I may never choose to use it, the way you do! I visited pages of a few very successful bloggers and writers like Anshul Tewari, Arnab Ray etc. and to my great astonishment even there I found many users who post nasty comments. So let us believe that if you are active on social media, or say shopping at your local market, anywhere, you must be ready to encounter all kinda people. I do have experiences. So much so that once I saw a few of people always picking up something from any argument blah blah targeting him or her and the cacophony produced leads to another and there were many who would be surprised at it too! -They were telling it all to a 30-40 yr old woman! Even a kid would laugh! It had become a matter of great fun. 😀 Were they that stupid?? It could be anyone! Why were they targeting a particular person?? Intentions come very clear. 🙂 Anyways, everyone knows that when a person gets attention, appreciation there are those who get involved into nasty games. A commonplace thing on social sites. Been there, done that. In large active groups there are people of different opinions. There are several activities of all kinds to participate, debates, discussions where you can put your opinions too. Thence, it’s easy to target a person. And I said “That’s how it happens in banana republic! They are doing it ceaselessly since ages without any regrets and continue with that. Even a girl in her 20s has a lot of behavior problems.” These are just a few examples on social sites. I have seen many more.

So, when these people make personal attacks on social media making it seem like a national issue, it is surprising…or perhaps not? Hilariously, you come to see that religion has joined the party too and you literally die laughing rolling on the floor. 😂 There are a few who try to shut you up or force one to speak on their wish. And you also silently witness and relish many of thumkas and bhangras, Rahul, Pappu and what not! 🙂

The fact is that any personal attack is a personal attack. It’s always ugly. It is what it is! And generally how it happens is someone picks up something from an argument (between a second and a third party) purposefully and begins attacking whoever the person wants to put down, which one thinks as a competitor. Intentions! 🙂 So, what if I begin to pick up from your dress, your dance, your post, your comment, your views,- it could be anything! Suppose there are ones I know about their history and family, I can retaliate against them very well. And then it will tear you apart because it will be based on truth and you wouldn’t be like me to laugh it away. But on the contrary it was always me who appreciated many like them. I doubt if they really deserved that. It’s one of the reasons I stay away of such communities. Unnecessary headache out of sick environment. I wonder why everyone wants another to fit their ideas of perfection while their own life, own family has failed to be around any such heights of perfection! Others might be really much better people than you! The fact is there are those who watch and know a lot of things, but never cross anyone’s personal space and that’s why it still runs smoothly. A personal remark or its celebration is hardly a godly act. And I avoid mostly but sometimes, I think it calls for taking a stand and protect the environment as well as myself when I am being bashed up for protecting it. I also can’t allow anyone to bring all their dramas from past while I am looking forward to learn or do something in future. So, my point is do whatever you want but don’t drag me into it. I will do what I want. I will speak what I think is right and when I think there’s a need for, or I have enough spare time for that. How could it be anyone else’s choice? And as to winning – I have no interest in winning these stupid dramas on social sites. Whoever wants, keep it to yourself. It really suits you. Whenever people with such intentions come, I choose to lose. I have nothing to do with others ideas and beliefs of victory, leadership, smartness or beauty. I can speak my mind whenever I wish to, and that’s enough for me. That’s why I am here.
And guess what! Now I am enjoying watching movies especially of Amitabh Bachchan’s (My first crush since I was in U.K.G and most of my friend’s. 😉 reading romantic novels apart from many other creative works. Have a great day! Take care.




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