Telling ghost stories to a bairn

“Do ghosts scare you?” my daughter pops out. “My feet turn cold when it gets dark and there’s no light there.”

“Ghosts! Owing to they don’t have a body, why would they seek the absence of light to hide? Only a man does.”

For a while, she ruminates over my riposte and seems to be getting on the beam.

“When I was your age, I thought they exist. But it hardly matters if they do. There’s a very possibility that souls without body exist but it can never be something to be feared about. To perform any task they need to have a body. They need to take birth in order to do anything they wish. A soul which is free from these wishes can easily liberate. A soul without a body and with a wish might remain a ghost and won’t be free from the cycle of rebirth and death but when a soul takes birth it gets into the trap of karma, love-hate etc that gives rise to another wish, another birth. Hence, a ghost is just a soul with a wish unfulfilled but it cannot perform any task, can’t even speak to us. It is just against nature’s rule! Nature is almighty. Man’s rules, society must follow it else it will perish or cause disaster, chaos. If a soul without a body could do anything, this world would be like a horror movie! Just think how many people are there hating each other waiting for the right time for retaliation. And we talk about liberation and nirvana!

“You mean ghosts don’t exist? In TV serials, they say an evil soul becomes too powerful when it gets dark“

“I don’t completely brush off the idea of ghosts. There are a million things that exist but we are not aware of that. Awareness is something around which our thoughts and therefore life revolves. But the universe is not limited to our awareness. It’s very similar to our visual perception. The world is there but throughout our lives, we are in touch with the image captured by our eyes and processed by the logical part of our brain and finally resulting in our understanding. The tree is there, but all we can know is the image. And here the tree doesn’t play a big role in what we see after the image is captured. The system is working normally, but our perspective matters most. What is exposed to us, our awareness of it, our ability to perceive is all there to determine what we see. Our logic is perpetually there as an obstacle to see what is always present, visible. We are so limited by our logics, by the ego “We know.” We lose the capacity to understand that there’s something beyond our capability to understand. Miserably fail to look beyond or expand the way we reason. Above all, we fail to accept.

Our brain is just a part of our body that breeds all these thoughts, both questions, and answers. There are sounds, ultra, and infra, beyond our audible limits and many a creature are capable enough to hear that. There are animals that can see clearly when we are unable to see, when it’s dark or blindingly bright to us. The absence of light only means that we are not able to see. It changes nothing. When it is dark for us, the case is not similar to an owl or other nocturnal creatures. Because it’s never the complete absence of light. In complete absence of light, not a single creature could see. We can’t even exist. Not even those creatures you had seen in movies like ‘The Mummy’! The whole system, the universe will stop. So indispensably the rays are conjoined to our existence. No image can form without a beam of light colliding with the object! As you can see, human intellect doesn’t top the pyramid. Yet, it can reason. That’s it. It has its limits. But the universe is limitless, infinite and way beyond the comprehension of human minds. It just is. So there’s a possibility that ghosts exist. There’s a possibility that we are always surrounded by millions of ghosts all the time. But it is as normal as we drink, eat and sleep. And in the same way, there always are millions of things which when we talk about, seem like a miracle or we might be believing just the opposite of that but it isn’t a miracle any way. We are living with it day and night. It is just because we are so limited by what we know that we fail to grasp what is.

“But what about those possessed dudes? The way they talk and act, makes my blood curdle! “

“I am sure you’re not talking about any of your experiences but those TV serials, horror movies, stories. It serves its purpose. The combination of sound, picture, expressions is supposed to frighten us. But they are just like cartoon serials. A person falls from the top of a 30storied building and comes alive! We can never buy that, can we? It’s a creative job. Fancy that, one day you make a horror movie and add many other dimensions to the existence of ghosts! Okay, say a person really appears like that (obviously, the eerie sound will be missing!), it’d sound abnormal. An abnormal person. Imaginably, there are real ghosts and they might affect one’s thoughts – possessed by the devil! – still, it’s not a matter of such concern as everyone is possessed by his own ghost, by the negativity caused by his own logics and lies, by the inability to accept what ‘is’ and look it through the lens of logics. For even in the worst case what is a ghost but energy and we are eternally caught up in the process of receiving, generating and emitting certain energies.”

The bairn is trying to contemplate. I am gratified. She will never be afraid of ghosts any longer no matter how dark it is.