As the day breaks…


Leaves glisten with the dawning light. A puff of reviving ambrosial morning breeze caresses me and I embark on my voyage through a fresher day. Plop-plop-plop fizz zzz…! I splash season’s freshest vegetables into the water with deft hands. Wipe them up after they are trained to swim for a short while. Briskly chop onions into thin gauzy slices that give off a distinct aroma. Stealthily, the sulfur rises in the air. My eyes and nose moisten and begin to burn as I inhale the smell to my lungs. I pay no mind to it and, blithely, press on chopping locally grown vegetables of vibrant colours, green leaves, plump tomatoes, red, yellow bell-peppers, all brimming with freshness and fragrance. I kindle the turquoise flame and whisk off a pan to it. As I splash oil into the pan, it begins to heat and a wisp of nutty aroma wraps me up. The smoky aroma, aah! These cascading vegetables, simmering tiny bubbles of oil, vegetables and herbs slowly being cooked into it, the musk of exotic spices and the burst of a delightful blend of flavours! The festive and mirthful celebration of summer! A kickass beginning of a spirited and a successful day!


  • Picture credit: Pinterest