The attitude towards empowering women in India

“We cannot all succeed if half of this are held back.”
~ Malala Yousafzai

“Empowerment of women is essentially the process of upliftment of economic, social and political status of women, the traditionally underprivileged ones, in the society.”
“It is the process of guarding them against all forms of violence. Women empowerment means marginalizing power in woman and girls so that they can play a significant role in the society!”
Some say that all talks of women’s empowerment is a commonplace thing, that Indian woman is being empowered in every sphere of life. Is it true? Have we achieved zero violence? Is she economically, politically empowered? Is she capable of making sexual and reproductive choices? Is she safe and educated enough to address her issues without any fear or insecurities? Is she being heard?
In truth, women are still victimized by various social evils in our day-to-day affairs. The attitude of a patriarchic society still prevails. It is a general way of dealing with issues while biased perception is common, lacking empathy all the way. No matter how good a woman performs there are always those who try to water it down.
It’s 21st century and women empowerment is still an issue of serious concerns in India. Women encounter obstacles at each step of their lives, whether it’s home or workplace. There’s still a world which embodies third world countries. Zero violence is far from the sight. Women like me who are socially, politically active, are targeted every now and then. Our self-respect, dignity and choices are challenged invariably. Let alone woman who are financially, intellectually frail. They get no support from family or society even in extremely pitiable conditions.
Practically, inequality is the matter of the mindset and not of gender or even education. There are a number of educated illiterates, men or women who invariably question women’s life choices, from her choice of subject in schools to other areas of life. We know that we can’t begin to cook on ‘Chulha’ using wooden fuel again or put bullock carts to use for travelling. Howbeit, they are good for picnic purposes but they can’t lead today’s way of life. As a matter of fact we are struggling night and day to improve our living standards. The richness of culture, the glory of the past, how we evolved has to be celebrated and to be proud of and this way has to be made part of life rather than losing conscience and follow offensive, illogical, undesirable, inadmissible ways of past that occurred at certain stages during evolvement of the society. But to my great astonishment, there are men and women in our society who have a little familiarity of these facts, who claim to be educated!
Women who are socially active are in no better situation than those who are not. They are ceaselessly mocked, knocked, offended and challenged by both genders. It’s completely the matter of mindset which very much depends upon their family environment or social circumstances. There are those who tend to choose and act on her behalf. They are interested in offending her rather than supporting women. If she tries to protest, it becomes a matter of political interest. They keep telling old wives tale which is way off from realities. I have experienced it too. Therefore, I take in the value of those who come to support, groups that come forward to make a better, healthier, happier society by supporting, encouraging everyone’s individual talents, identities, rights including women’s.
At times ground realities are terrifying and demand a considerate and action oriented approach. Why do Indian parents still anticipate having a male child ? They are still perceived as a safe bet. Women are not. Women are not safe in society itself. Female foeticide, rape, violence at different levels in different forms is still far from becoming a thing of the history. Educating women,  emancipating her from the grip of all those social evils that demean her, changing the mindset towards her needs and rights are key objectives that must be worked on to empower women.