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A Happy Camper!

I don’t visualize myself strong in intellection theme. All the same, I am my own best companion. I enjoy my time alone. Oftentimes, I enliven by different ideas, methods of learning, which is not just about writing. It can be learning a new recipe as well. Okay, everybody does! I do need my own space to muse and reflect. I haven’t scheduled any time for thinking, per contra. I am one of those who get lost in the work they do. At the same time, when I am thinking, it’s impossible to do anything else. Multitasking is still a gobbledygook to me! Mental hum is not constant to me as to many intellectuals. Oh, intellectuals might alienate me. Feh! Well,…I don’t regret much. 🙂
     Anyways, even a life with no such great regrets is not less than an achievement to me who keeps regretting for peanuts! And that’s one of the most precious thing, I am endowed with. I luxuriate with a content and gratifying life.
Nevertheless, reading is something, I can’t imagine my life without. At the moment I am writing to help a few of workers of a political party to expound on their ideas and raise issues in an effective manner, in my own native language Hindi. Here I have, already, begun something with blogging that makes me more fulfilled and I am planning to do more in near feature. The list follows:
1. I started taking time to write, a set up to crystalize my thoughts.
2. Finding people who like to talk about the same issues I do.
3. Planning to organize or become a member of a discussion group  that addresses subject of interest to me.
4. Looking forward to deliberately build relationships with people who I consider to be ” big thinkers”. Their example will inspire me to focus my own thinking.
Please, feel free to share your ideas, suggestions etc, if any. Thank you.


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8 thoughts on “A Happy Camper!

  1. I would suggest you to join the Camp NaNoWriMo in the next session. Camps happens in April and July every year. April is almost about to end. July would do. It will definitely help in putting the thoughts together as well in discussions.

    Such ones are possibly good for in-person. For online, I have not found any better than NaNoWriMo so far yet.

  2. What a wonderful “about” description. We share much in common in terms of what we enjoy exploring and discussing – small talk becomes tedious quickly, yes? I have to say, though, not “everybody does” enjoy learning in multiple environments enough to seek them out, so pat yourself on the back for the fact that you do.

    Not only will it make for a more interesting life, it is neuro-protective – as is the fact that you speak and write in more than one language. The likelihood of your developing one of the dementias as you age is statistically less than the majority of the population. How cool is THAT?
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

      1. So glad to know that it is your response. Life-long learning, novelty, “content-dense” reading and writing and exercise seem to be the keys to the fountain of youth — keeping our brain alive and growing as long as we are alive.

        Your mind will no doubt be sharp as a tack when many blogging less “esoteric” topics will wondering why they walked into a certain room. (not that I wish that for them, btw).

        1. Couldn’t agree more Madelyn. You do veritably embody my own perspective towards learning. Reading, writing exercises, more so learning, cutting the comedy leads the path towards growth as well as, is invigorating.
          A perceived difference between ones who only read, share and come up with a certain opinion and those who write, compare, contest beckoned me over to choose this path. The first coterie had no ability to learn or understand anything despite being well equipped with technical knowledge.

          There is a certain mindset that leads to trouble others with whatever they do, breaking your contacts and groups instead of being of any help. They went too far to stop me. Anyhow. And crossed every level of meanness talking about fulfillment of dreams and hopes and the shit kept hitting the hoof. I don’t mean that there’s any society which is garbage free but there are a few where this is the main theme. The general way of dealing with something in such environment is bad-mouthing, hurling brickbat and suggesting to find a corner to hide yourself somewhere. The end. But I choose sustainability, growth over suicide, getting into something which I am well acquainted with to understand it and find a solid path to move forward. I would feel disgusted by only observing someone with the intention of expressing dull opinions to prevent ones growth altogether. On the other hand the creative and learning environment has endless possibilities and a feel of growth.

          Thanks again for your lovely gesture. 🙂 👍

          1. You are very welcome, Smita.

            I, too, choose sustainability and growth in my attempt to remain on a solid path forward – even though it is especially difficult to hold that mindset with the recent changes in administration here in America, with the hate-mongering of our supposed “leader” and his second in command.

            I look forward to getting to know you better through your blog.

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