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A Happy Camper!

I don’t visualize myself strong in intellection theme, I am my own best companion, nevertheless. I enjoy my time alone. Oftentimes different ideas, methods of learning enliven me which is not just about writing. It can be learning a new recipe as well. Okay, everybody does. I do need my own space to muse and reflect. I haven’t scheduled any time for thinking, per contra. I am one of those who gets lost in the work they do. At the same time, when I am thinking, it’s impossible to do anything else. Multitasking is still a gobbledygook to me! Mental hum is not constant to me as to many intellectuals. Oh, intellectuals might alienate me. Feh! But I don’t regret much.
     Anyways, even a life with no such great regrets is not less than an achievement to me who keeps regretting peanuts. And that’s one of the most precious things, I am endowed with. I luxuriate with a content and gratifying life.
Nevertheless, reading is something, I can’t imagine my life without. At the moment I am writing to help a few of the workers of a political party to expound on their ideas and raise issues in an effective manner, in my own native language Hindi. Here I have already, begun something with blogging that makes me more fulfilled and I am planning to do more in near feature. The list follows:
1. I started taking the time to write, a set up to crystalize my thoughts.
2. Finding people who like to talk about the same issues I do.
3. Planning to organize or become a member of a discussion group that addresses the subject of interest to me.
4. Looking forward to deliberately build relationships with people who I consider to be ” big thinkers”. Their example will inspire me to focus my own thinking.
Please, feel free to share your ideas, suggestions etc, if any. Thank you.