Why and How to Raise Yourself out of Mass Consciousness

I found this article written by Gloria Excelsias on her website – iamuniversity.org, totally worth reading. Thank you Gloria for your esteemed writing and priceless tips. 👍

Today I would like to share with you then quick ideas how you can raise yourself out of mass consciousness.

Now, why would you want to do that?

Very simply, mass consciousness – meaning: the consciousness of the masses – is run by their lower self, run by their inner child. The masses are run by their subconscious mind, they live on automatic pilot, they don’t own their power, they are not right with themselves, they don’t love themselves, they attack each other for lack of self-worth and personal power. The masses are addicted in one form or another – sugar, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, TV, sex, social media. And the masses are terrorized by their own negative ego/ fear-based/ separative mind. We will talk about that „inner torrorist“ another time if you like.

But anyway, so in short, mass consciousness is victim consciousness.

So why would anyone want to step out of mass consciousness?

That’s the same as saying, why would anyone want to step out of victim consciousness? Very simply put, it is not fun to be a victim in life.

To be a victim means to be a prisoner. We all live in this illusion that we are free, but do you really think that you are free when you can’t even keep your thoughts in check? Let alone your emotions or lower self desires?

How many people do you know who are actually in control of their minds, feelings, emotions and lower self desires? The masses are not. The masses are victims. The masses are victimized by their own inner energies, AND they are victimized by all kinds of outer energies as well.

So anway, today I just would like to give you ten quick ideas how you can step out of mass consciousness and victim consciousness into the rare air of mastership. As this is just a quick blog, we don’t have the time to talk about these things in-depth. So if you want to learn more, the I AM University is all about these things and more.

Here are ten quick tips for your consideration and meditation:

  1. Own your personal power, self-mastery and causality 100% in all ways and all things, and at all times – to the best of your ability.
  2. Develop a right relationship to yourself. Get really right with yourself. Love yourself!
  3. Protect your consciousness from inner and outer fear-based energies.
  4. Make God or Source, if you prefer, the number one top priority in your life.
  5. Be assertive and don’t let life get on top of you.
  6. Understand that Earth is a school which you graduate from by learning to move out of victimhood into mastership.
  7. Be joyously vigilant for love and against fear.
  8. Become completely whole within yourself so you don’t have to go around attaching yourself to others or attacking others to fill some perceived emptiness inside of you.
  9. Let go of all symbolic false gods. These are things you put before God such as addictions, relationships and so forth.
  10. Understand that ultimately the only way out of mass consciousness is to fight your way out of it. So you have to be a Spiritual warrior in life. Now, I know that a lot of people absolutely dislike the idea of life being a war which, quite frankly, is the reason why they are victimized by everybody and his dog, but we will talk about that another time.

These are my ten quick tips to help you step out of mass consciousness. Please think about them. Have a great day. Bye.

~ By Gloria Excelsias