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When I need a breather

WordPress is churning out countless posts everyday, like any other blogging portal, buzzing with topics from love, acceptance, poverty, relations and what not! A brainstorming idea flashes before my eyes – the whole world is about to crash!! Everyone is going through a relationship crisis. Damn! How come I never had it down pat! Ain’t I reading gibberish? How could they be subjected to such awfulness and still survived? How come…??  Awww poor baby! Take a breather. Go easy. Don’t be abashed ( I am in a self-mothering mode! Ahem.. ) It’s no fault of yours. Your blogging journey is weakly at the outset. Hang about with it. Spare yourself some time while coursing forth your blogging journey. And eventually, you make out that there are many who shift from sublime to ridiculous and vice-versa. Here encouragement and downplay both go hand in hand like all the opposites you observe in the world. And one day the truth dawns upon you,…’s a world of thoughts!! ( Hehe..I got the hang of it on the threshold of blogging!) There’s nothing like any rule neither a meaning. You have least to do with what other bloggers write…save commenting on their posts. What goes with you is right. Everyone has equal rights to post what they hanker for.
Sometimes, it seems there’s a cold war going on among bloggers. You flash on it while many defend their dogmas and you try to decipher it. But don’t cry over bheja fry! They are just posting what they call for and you have the upper hand over your thoughts, as well as, what you dip into while leafing through pages of WordPress reader. So, that’s the way the cookie crumbles and it harks back to the song which I am humming to myself..Haule-haule se hawa behti hai…🎼🎼


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9 thoughts on “When I need a breather

  1. You echoed my thoughts Smita. And it’s for the same reason that I don’t often pay a visit here not that I’m not interested, but because there’s so much to read and it sorta intefere with the chaos of thoughts that I live with every day.

    1. Mighty perceptive and very well put comment.Over exposure of thoughts on any social platform has been knocking me off balance.

      1. Oh my my… landed on your gravatar profile only to know that you are a mother of two 😁. Certainly makes me wonder how did I miss that 😛. So I should shower you more respect I see 😉

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