Disclaimer: Cognizance is mine, discernment is yours, means no offence.

Writing can be very therapeutic to many just as preaching. You know the bliss when you preach forgiveness while you failed to do it when needed. But of course, there’s a need of yours too. You can forgive to take opportunistic advantage of any situation no matter how much troubles you have been stirring to them. This way you can let your light illuminate the world, the lives of those who have been hurt (by your nasty games), downtrodden, desolate and then bask in your own fragrance at the same time feel elated.

Similarly, you have different thoughts about others, how you feel about them and while writing about it, you can be very creative. In point of fact, it’s the highest point of creation where creativity takes its last breath! Perhaps, you feel jealous of watching someone peacefully living, or being held in high regard or appreciated by others, you can write a fiction matching real circumstances and in it add all your imaginations about him. You can glorify the person and then smear him! You want someone feel defeated, the person is totally indifferent about it, you can write a fiction and defeat him in it! No matter where your acts fall, there’s still a place for you. You can still write the highest idealism when as a matter of fact, you want to use them according to your wishes who actually live high. You can use them to draw others in your light. There are many who are provoked by your writing and they are there, in your plate. They can take part in various activities, so much so that in terrorist attacks, you plan carefully and make it happen. There were dictators who begun their journey by writing books. But of course, these were not just dictators who wrote. Writing is both, therapeutic at the same time evokes the sense of power. By reading what people write, we understand how they perceive themselves, as well as, how they want to represent their acts thus who they are. And we must respect their boundaries.

Despite, all the highest idiocies we encounter, I live in a real world. I believe there’s no possibility of a world to exist where only people with good intentions dwell. The truth is atrocities are more common than virtues, it’s full of horrible and hostile people whom no matter how well you treat, will only return what they have. And then writing can be of help to voice your opinion, your struggles. It can be used for greater causes. Despite all those horrible people happening to you, if you can be true to yourself and become a voice of many like you who suffered similar misfortunes, you are a winner.


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