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To the self

They fail to connect heart to heart, still they call it a family.
Fail to express their anger, doubts, fears and love or express it in meanest ways, just out of fear of rejection. Still they call it a family.
Where the concept of family is based on bullying and put-downing, where respect doesn’t need refined perceptions. Still they call it a family.
Where everything is seen from a nasty perspective. Where smile and words are questioned and threatened. Still they call it a family.
Where sexual, physical, emotional harassment is veiled in beautiful words. Where efforts to fool the world in the name of Buddha is held high. Still they call it a family.
Where gentleness and family-like approach shakes their conscience. Where plurality of approach is denied. Still they call it a family.
Where gender inequality is condemned and cursed. Yet, friends of different genders arise millions questions in mind. Still they call it a family.
It’s the world that tries to become mordern with the Facebook culture. That carries ‘its’ mirror with it to show fellows and falls at its profanity. Still they call it a family.
Let us accept that a world like this, wherein I didn’t grow up, still exist somewhere around known as third world. And, that’s what they call a family.
I wish them all to grow up as a human, have a humanely approach. Where injustice is never ever supported in the name of blood, gender or relations. And they will become a family.
When you see friends are still friends and not foes, it doesn’t trouble your conscience. When things get better, nothing burns you inside. You will become a family.
When you get over these animalistic controlling behaviours and start purifying your thoughts and perceptions. The world is your family.
Nothing in the world is going to change, if you don’t change your perspectives. You can express like me, but can’t control it. All the same you can try to control your own thoughts. Gradually, you will become a family.
Don’t go behind crowd, heart. Crowd never grows, a person does. There are reasons against reasons. It never changes or grows a single weed. Don’t get caught up in the trap of words, don’t be so dumb to look for Krishna’s peacock feathers. Don’t become so much image conscious that you fail as a human being and start supporting injustice and inequalities in your family and society. Or, start promoting group fights on social media to distract yourself from putting an honest efforts towards the real issues.
You have the fire to change the scenario and you are totally worth it. Find the purpose and work towards it. Because, this is what we call divinity. There’s no other Krishna but yourself. The world is a cobweb, you will be tested. Your expressions will be refined, when you refine yourself at the level of your thoughts and acts.
Don’t preach but heal. All the great lives you kept reading about, acted with total honesty. Not to show the world on social sites but out of this awareness that tomorrow never comes, if you don’t do it now. Have you kept them for books only? When did you become so fake and formal?
When you grow, you naturally become less complex, express but don’t control, oppose yet don’t destroy and support as well when needed. When you begin to understand, words don’t matter. Acceptance is your attitude, you don’t get your mind into it. Natural gentle sense of humor that doesn’t cling on anything, flows out. You have a soul that radiates. That’s what you are.
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3 thoughts on “To the self

  1. You have glued in the messages in those lines so elegantly. The call for not being fake and still keeping the radiance is well put.

    This was a very nice read. Shots out a lot of messages. 🙂

  2. You raise a lot of issues here Smita, and I feel there’s a pain behind your words here.
    It’s sad to see when the truth is pushed behind and the crowds are followed, for when did it mean following crowds was the answer and just because it’s a majority over a minority, doesn’t still make them to be in the right.
    Sometimes it’s not the majority but the minority who are fighting for common sense over idiocy.

    Thank you Smita .

    1. Thanks so much Sobia. Yes, there are so many issues there that I want to keep raising. It’s also about knowledge without any sense. It has always been majority over minority. 🙂 I lately experienced that most of the troubles happen because of people’s desire to appear good, to carry an image which is fake. But, it’s not just that. They don’t want to improve a bit still want to carry that mask on their faces. Looking for someone whom they can say, ” ah look at that person, he is so ugly!” And they feel elated. They never want to improve, no honest efforts put towards it and then they complain where the society is heading to. 🙂

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