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I pulled off the dagger and hurled it away, as far as I could. A fountain of blood gushed out from my chest. I staggered with an unendurable pain, plopped down into the pool of blood.

Numerous noises were reflecting on the surface of blood pool. For a moment it appeared afar, not within my hand’s reach.I blurred it lightly and heeded my blood smeared fingers.

A sudden twinge struck me heavily, again. It seemed that the laceration was always there. A reality so dreamlike!


~ Smita Ray

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5 thoughts on “Dreamlike

    1. You’re always encouraging and inspiring, Sobia while I hardly deserve these complements. I am flawed a way I irritate myself. Countless corrections I make yet these are people like you who not only accept me but encourage me with all my flaws, as if there is none. And I feel inspired. It goes without saying that people like you are blessings who help me grow as a person. Thank you

      1. Smita you surely deserve them, sometimes we as writers never realise what we are capable of and it’s amazing what we can create.

        So never underestimate yourself and keep working forward.
        I’m glad I could be amongst those who help you and encourage you and that’s what we should all be doing for our fellow bloggers. Help them the least and appreciate their hard work.

        My pleasure dear as always.

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