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Nostalgia versus Living in the past

Feeling nostalgic. Reminiscences from past. I read about it. And there’s talk of living in the present. In truth there’s nothing wrong about feeling nostalgic once in a while. There may be moments when you are sitting calm and quiet resting in an armchair. Sounds like a still from a movie eh? I remember, we often used to pick my father’s old album of neatly arranged black&white photographs and how much fun it was to watch them! As a matter of fact, it’s a part of life. We will have memories. It might keep flashing in our minds bringing newer insights. It only means our brain functions properly which is completely different from living in the past.

Living in the past simply means that your present action is just the result of past and nothing else. Your thoughts and deeds are the result of something which had happened to you, someone did to you, said to you while completely ignoring the present. What do I do when I feel bitter, revengeful, unforgiving? I am saying that even if you have moved ahead, I am still there. Far behind you. That I will take some time to reach where you are but by then you will move somewhere else. Therefore, I am always bound to remain behind you. I am a loser.. But the fact is there’s no one to be reached. We can only move ahead of where we are and the present is always present. The fact is it is the only available time we have. And we can’t use it to choose to go back but only to move forward. To work towards our next goal.


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