My experience with WordPress so far

I have written a small piece:

Like a broken weathervane,
Words failed to convey any sense.
What if they was intact?
Would they connot….?
The abyss inside me
Replenished with nothingness.
I hear the reverberation of 


I am falling in love with WordPress! ❤ So  much to learn!!! Everyday you get a topic to write, bloggers are writing everyday honing their writing skills regardless, they have done a course in creative writing or not. I read here from rubbish kind of erotica to divine prayers, religious, romantic, devotional poetry, articles etc. Everyone receives equal opportunity and honour. Bloggers inspire, encourage and support each other. It’s just like life, you are living in the world and everyone else is living here too no matter how different they are. You represent yourself by your writing, by your communicative skills. If I read a useful or attention grabbing article I can directly contact the writer no matter in which corner of the world he is residing. Lately I have been regularly reading articles on emotional healing and wellbeing which was something like how earlier elderly ladies used to take care of family members. Ah, pure bliss! 🌻🌿🌼

Everytime I login, I learn new words, new ideas. Ample ideas for blogging too! Apart from that my heart and mind remains healthy, free of worries.  An excellent place for creative release and to practice writing. I wish, I could write like my mother. 😀 She was a gifted poetess. I need to work hard on language for sure. Hope, I improve and do more positive and disciplined blogging. Another advantage is– it isn’t time bound if you’re not a professional writer. You can spend worry-free time with your family.

Note: As ॐ is the sound of universal unity, I have chosen the image.
Happy blogging! 😊
Pictures Credit: Google