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Look At Me

Look at me

Hey rapist, look at me now. I am here. Shining fearlessly with all my feminine pride.

Remember when I was in school and you had molested and played with many girls? All those girls were my sisters.

You saw me joyous in myself. Your lusty eyes were fixed at me. My indifference troubled you. Even now, driven by your wicked motives, the divinity in relationships is not your thing.

You told me I scare you and I, the little girl only smiled. You weren’t the only one who said that to me. Now, know the reason why:

You can’t take my laughter. My smile will send chills up your spine. You have brought terrible shame on seven skies. Prepared to take my wrath?

You cannot bridle me. I allow myself to be bound by truthfulness, honesty, innocence and wisdom. That determines my purpose to protect and defend the deserving.

I laugh and roam on my own will. I rise and set on the divine call to perform my duty and establish truth as the foundation of everything.

You cannot disgrace me. For grace is my second name. I have no desires. Yet, you know my blood carries the fire. Burning dazzlingly to turn you into ashes. I am known as ‘Shakti’ – the power.

~ Smita

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8 thoughts on “Look At Me

  1. This honestly hit me in the feels. Every single line felt heavy and pure. I am in love with this. And words wouldn’t do justice to how powerful this is. Brilliant work.

  2. Such a hard hitting post Smita. So often survivors have had their experiences denied, trivialized, or distorted.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting, Neal. I had talked to the victim once. I want to say all those woman that they are not weak. The objectification of women, thinking of them as property in the name of rituals, disgracing them out of your own weaknesses must stop. I felt a strong urge to right about it.

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