Dragging in the Dark Dungeons !!!

” What would change, even if I am convinced that I did lesser than what I have suffered? In this lifetime, no God is going to come down and make me the crowning Princess of silent sufferings.”
Thanks for writing such a wonderful post, Neal. 🙂

Neal's Epiphany

Post Inspiration – Fruitful conversation with  Odel :)…..

I heard a very interesting statement today! “I have stopped remembering things that have happened in my past“, and it had set me into a thinking mode because the person making that statement has become closely associated to me for the past few days and we two does share a warm relationship…at least that’s what i think so 😛

My first reaction to statements like these are – “okay! so??“, because practically I have no role to play in what people wish to remember about their lives. Secondly, I also do not have any role to play in what kind of pasts they have created for themselves. The only role I have is to live a good present myself; and take 100 per cent responsibility of that. Depressive statements like these often leave a trail of negativity behind…

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