Li(f)e Principles for the Sake of it! — Its PH

“Happiness is the goal ultimatum! “. No matter what we say or preach, almost everyone is following this one principal. Those who are driven by some quest are and were considered fools. But even they ultimately found their happiness. But perhaps, I should put it as different stages in the journey of finding happiness. A thought provoking post. Thanks Prakash Hegade for writing it. 🙂

Question: Define Life Answer: Life is blah blah blah. If someone asks you to define ‘life’, ‘love’ or something like that which do not have an easy spill-out-of-the-mouth definition, then start your answer as, “Today, for me life is [whatever fits in there]”. Like for example: “Today, for me, love is my fabulous endure of […]

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