Is it you?

Lately, I have been reading a number of posts- ideas and other literally work on dreams, hopes etc. What’s my take on it? Here is what I believe in .

Hopes and dreams are never fake. They might seem false in that they have not taken place by now and there’s no guarantee of their coming true in future. But they will necessarily lead you towards your destiny. Shaping you as who you truly are. They will bring some sort of growth you can sense. They are the part of your soul, your very existence. You might not top the chart while perusing your dreams but why taking part in any rat-race? You will definitely be the best at it. You will do it better than anything else you can do. You must become the bestest expression of yourself. Never do anything just to be accepted by others. Walk your own path and your companions will come along gradually. As the famous Urdu poet Majrooh Sultanpuri says ” Main akela hi chala tha janib-e-mazil magar… “. Choose the road that brings growth and not convenience. Don’t just Repeat which has been said by someone earlier. Don’t go to prove what is right. Don’t just listen to what a thingy says. Watch out for how much of that they fallow in their lives. Is it you? Can you go with it? Is it acceptable to you. Is it the very expression of your soul? Does it go with your inner voice? Mind you, many around you are just as dead as machines. They repeat words but they have no souls. They had stopped growing when they had left schools. The machines that keep doing repetitive jobs with no creativity at all. Yet, all dead souls have something in common. They have some trouble, certain unease with what is called life. Anything what seems alive, what seems growing. They are afraid that you may outgrow them.  Even if they fail to find its reason, they will fabricate it as it suits them. That’s the highest peak of their creativity. Don’t expect any positivism from a soul which is dead, which has no capacity to grow.

Every life finally succumbs to death, But don’t die, till you are alive. Dream every possible or impossible dream, embrace thinnest ray of hope, true or false. Live. Keep it this way, till you are alive. Don’t always give them a piece of your mind. Not just be and let others be either. Shine. Dazzle. And give them a part of your soul sometimes. A gentle nudge. You won’t lose anything. And that’s enough. Accept nothing for being accepted. Never be a fake. Accept only what goes with you. That’s when being alive makes some sense. 🌠