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Winter Whispers

When wintry breeze chills to bones and the heavenly aroma of hot beverages feels alluring, I love the comfy cosiness of a beautifully written piece. Thank you, Sobia.

Simply Me

Breathing with severity, thrashing with force, delivering its anguish upon those bewildered in its midst.

The coldness grips ignoring futile layers, shudders and shivers, accompanying fogged, and blazed surfaces.

The wind pauses to take a break, from thrusting all that treds its way.

Forgetting its nature, I lose my sense of reality, marvelling the touch of whiteness, the tender scenery, whilst allowing shivers to embrace me.

I breath with a cold, chilling air, managing a smile, standing upon ice cold ground whilst my hands bare the brunt of my desire. I see, all white before me; snowed layers, foggy visions cooling the earth from the summer just gone, placing at bay the overburnt exposed nature, taming its creatures to follow suit.

I shudder, as the coldness reminds me that I am still standing in open air. I walk towards my cottage door, it swings open with ease; a swift of…

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5 thoughts on “Winter Whispers

    1. Most welcome, Sobia. To be honest, it’s an honour to be connected to you and read or reblog your post. I always look for bloggers like you. The depth and dignity you have is rare. I must thank you for that.

      1. That’s very kind of you Smita, I’m very much humbled by your sweet gesture and kind words. Thank you ever so much, and it is a pleasure connecting with you too.

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