How I understand poetry

White Space

Here I sit,
at my word pro,

the white space
staring me down,
but not out.

I experiment,
pseudo-random words
into pretentious,

Then with an afflatus,
words flow,
whispered by my muse,
into lines and stanzas.

~ By Peter E. Williams

What is poetry? The crafting of words? You are driven by an afflatus, pick up an idea and decorate it with words as cleverly, as beautifully and as effectively as you can. Is it a false rendition of a truth? But where is the truth? It renders someones perspective only which might not be true. As a matter of fact, any form of art cannot be measured up to materialistic truth but to the higher truth. That is why an artist is said to be closer to the god, to the ultimate truth. The less materialism it conveys, the finer is the work. Poetry is not just about arrangement of words. It is about the realm of imagination, about subtleness, fineness, exquisiteness and craftsmanship.  It’s the transition from material realities – its falseness to the imaginary progression. When you are capable of sensing the subtle physical/material quality of words and imagination, you understand its falseness, the illusion it creates. Words or imagination are never the truth. They are born and they die. And when you transcend them you land into the realm of mystics.