Define Yourself

Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.

~ Harvey Fierstein

It is one of the quotes I like most. Actually,  I like each of the quote I post. I read quotes and post them not to preach anyone or prove anything, nor to win any point or distract people from their paths. I post them just because I like posting what I like. To put a different perspective, something beyond any pettiness and if anyone feels supported by them while fighting their battles, it makes me feel fulfilled. Words are beautiful and often convey very powerful meanings. Everyone is fighting his or her battle. How beautiful it would be if we used even our own words the way that helps and supports others instead of using it only in our own favour, for ourselves –rather than just preaching or teaching them how to live their lives.

There will always be two kind of people. Everywhere. Those who support you in every endeavor unconditionally and those who put obstacles in your path—unconditionally–no matter what. The ones who put obstacles in your path always need something idealistic to support it because stopping anyone directly from doing anything without a strong logical support or explanation is absolutely impossible.  We have read in our Hindu culture  – Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – The earth is your family– and other similar views which are timeless. But even in this era of Information Technology, some people conveniently fall at lower notions— to prevent you from whatever you are doing. They keep finding reasons. Most probably they don’t practice what they preach/ they have never lived a life like one or you might remind them what they actually lack in their lives. They are not the ones who encourage you—go learn. That even if you step backward, the world would never change. That  never be afraid of experiencing whatever you can or have an opportunity for. They will never encourage you to face and deal with everything the best possible way you can. In your own way. But that is the only way you can grow — to live—to risk. Life begins with taking a risk since you are born, when you take your first step, to be precise even before you were born. And till your last breath it remains a risk. There is always some or other view opposite to every idea. It is all up to you by which rule you decide to go or you discard any predefined set of rules and all those opposing beliefs to experience everything by yourself, by doing it and by going through it, by facing the challenges. I gradually realized that most of the time the reason of my failure was I listened to those who put obstacles in my path instead of those who supported me. Now I don’t depend on anyone who supports or opposes, yet those who come up with their support are  hounoured.  And now I feel more courageous to take up challenges, more capable of dealing with difficult situations of my day-to-day affairs, can choose my battle and thus feel more fulfilled.