For We Are Still Alive – Casteism

Raising Awareness

Hi everyone! Today I am instigating a series  ~ For We Are Still Alive ~ in which I will be discussing various social issues to put my view on it and to aver my voice against many deep rooted social evils at the same time the cause of social injustice at different levels. I am looking forward to  your views and suggestions to find a better insight. Thank you.

Caste, the pride and the shame of many. Casteism or the caste system in India is one of the termites of our society which has made sure that it will remain the heaven of hypocrites and despite all those technical advancement several evils will find their place. That, the hollowness of high sounding morality will always persist and the needy, downtrodden and weak will never find the support and shelter which a society must be capable of providing. Wouldn’t it be better, If we lived in woods searching for food and shelter? Just one social evil leads to several other pitfalls – the reason of our backwardness, in spite of the fact that the most intelligent minds of the world were born in this country. Let us have a look at a few:

  1. It fails to provide equal opportunity to all the citizens. The reservation system in jobs is the result of this caste system. We are not discarding the caste system yet we want to eliminate the caste based reservation system. The caste based reservation system is still present only because it is in the interest of many who make a huge part of the society.
  1. It keeps society divided. The time and energy wasted in fighting with each other could be used for some constructive causes, to contribute to our society for its betterment.
  1. Out of division it also breeds hatred. A peaceful social environment loaded with healthy and positive thought is impossible to find. We are providing our children a highly reactive and insane society. To be more precise, we are living in such society.
  1. It provides the platform for many other social evils to flourish and causes social injustice at several different levels. Earlier untouchability while still honour killing, forced and arranged marriages and similar customs are rooted in this one social evil making us still belong to the third world countries.
  1. Let us see what is the significance of caste system: In the beginning different castes were made to group together all the people who had similar profession and it didn’t harm the society that way. But, now, leave alone the caste, even two members in a family don’t have similar professions. Of course, each member of the family and their future generations belong to the same caste which is carried from generation to generation.
  1. The caste is the part of one’s identity which is no way based on a person’s life, his achievements, contribution to society or any deed. Doesn’t it make it completely insignificant to carry a false identity with you which becomes a reason of arrogance or ignominy to your and several other lives simultaneously poisoning the society ?

A great society is not made of the most intelligent minds but of the most visionary minds and compassionate hearts that work for the betterment of society, honestly and selflessly. The capability of living together, in spite of all the differences, providing all different views equal opportunity to grow, opposing instead of hating and destroying  provides impetus to a growing society. A society which is divided in several different sects that are completely insignificant is doomed to fail in achieving harmony and producing wise citizens with love in their hearts.


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