Gotta tell you!

Words & Silence

Even the most powerful word is a reference to something else, an illusion, a lie, something that doesn’t exist in actuality. Words are way too superficial. They are masks. The same thing which appears deep to one, is too shallow, unworthy to another or even not understandable . Everyone seeks a label as per their convenience for whatever they do. Often they are just that. Neither good, nor bad. The purpose for which they are used could be anything– to attack/defend, a confirmation to ego, could be an expression of love or hatred or to manipulate something. And labeling any of these seems too futile. Opinions mean nothing. And as without a divided self no word can ever spawn, they create conflict more often than binding. Let us hope that they are used by us to inspire all what is positive in another more often than attacking. Yet, the exquisiteness of silence can’t be grasped with words, measured in words, leads to peace and is far more solicitous.