Honouring the nudge

Sometimes it is good to be disappointed by everyone around! 😉 It is not about whether they are good or bad. They are just doing their own things- what they think is right for them or what is life for them. You take a peep into their minds and all you find is– thoughts, thoughts and thoughts. Thoughts about him, thoughts about her, thoughts about this and that. Good thoughts , Bad thoughts… That’s what we are. It is interesting to see how much part of us made up only of thoughts and opinion leaving very little space for experience even while going through it. We live with them most of the time. But sometimes you just don’t feel like talking; don’t feel like uttering a single word. And even if sometimes you feel like sharing it with someone, don’t expect them to understand it too. 😀 Almost everyone is confined to their own well claiming it to be the ocean. Well, there is a time when silence sprouts from inside. Effortlessly. Thoughts might still occur in your mind but a distance is created between you and them. These thoughts are flavorless i.e. you don’t feel them. When no emotion is attached to your thoughts, you don’t react or respond to them ( of course in your mind.). And you can literally watch them appearing in the space and then fading away, and finally disappearing. Leaving you in your space completely unperturbed, serene. You wonder how false they are. All what you learnt or read. They are not real. They don’t have power on their own. Thoughts are momentary reflection of something which might not be as important as you think when you’re attached to your thoughts. This is an amazing experience to have and the state is worth keeping with yourself even when you are in a crowd or talking to someone. If you ever enter a completely calm state when chattering of mind is stopped, you just don’t feel like uttering a word. In a way, even a single word seems like some sort of expression of anxiety. And you speak only when it is necessary. However, maintaining this state needs practice because we are constantly being affected by our surrounding. Sometimes our silence is just a part of everyday dealing with the world. But in that state mind is still chattering, forming opinions about him or her, this or that. And the difference can be felt by being around people in these states even when you don’t go through both the experiences. So, next time if you feel disappointed with something, don’t go running behind it. Honour the nudge. Go through the experience and enjoy the gift it brings. Everything’s gonna be all right anyway. Because, it already is. The struggle is right, the noise is right and the silence is right. Everything is already perfect, moving at an absolutely perfect pace and the fact is not gonna change just because of your thoughts about it. Be you and enjoy your day. ❤