Not Satisfied With So Little

In our journey, we often bump into people filled with horrendous darkness inside. Yet, they camouflage it with amazing artistry and ultimately leave us bruised. They think they deserted you. Yes, they did! I feel deep inside that it is coming back to them but I never waited to see those being punished who wrongfully attacked just to revive their dark spirit, those who spitted at me. Sometimes I reacted at the moment, sometimes I didn’t but moved on with thousands of hurts and enormous grief. I listen to the call of the journey and fly away to explore a new truth, to solve another mystery and to learn something new.

” It’s never too late to seek a newer world.”

In a way, I am grateful to them too for each stab. Every time it did was a lesson. I wish them good luck to find their sky as well despite knowing that no one is ever free from ones own deed because now it is a part of them. But in the end only those matter who came to inspire us and stood beside us when others were attacking. Ones who showed us to stand tall and to look at life a little differently. Those who guided us that life is much more than their stabs and their intentions, much more beyond all that they were doing, that it makes such a small part of this amazing journey that it doesn’t even deserve to be counted! As a matter of fact, it is solely the responsibility of each  individual how one feels about something. It is my responsibility not to forget that amazing people also happened to my life who came up with their valuable insights, who taught me that life is not just a battleground, that it is infinitely explorable journey with innumerable dimensions containing its uncountable facets. So, why get satisfied with so little or stop for his or her littleness? In fact, I don’t think that their pettiness towards me and attacks make the whole of even themselves. Why thinking that they have nothing great inside them? And sometimes I feel awfully reverent towards those musicians, lyricists, singers, authors, mystics and all those people who don’t even know how they had been helping me and how I needed them when I was bruised and wounded. Isn’t it another delightful aspect of life, something to feel grateful about that we are rewarded with the most precious things in life without doing anything? And I feel each wound is being healed with a new step towards the newest goal that brings me a newer insight. I make sure that my life will never be defined by anyone’s darkness but by my own inner luminosity .


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