A need to explain

Men are women both live in the same society. They are supposed to interact with each other and it hardly hurts their masculinity or femininity. A woman is naturally a woman without cultural conditioning and the same goes for a man. But in our society mostly a pathetic sense of false righteousness pervades. It reminds me that even in our area so called “educated” people don’t ask or inquire about any ritual or any tradition. “Girls don’t do this!” ” Don’t go alone!” “Don’t talk to srangers!” “Never take risks!” ” Don’t bath on Mondays.” ” Don’t have hair-cuts on Saturdays.” Whatever, grandma says, is right! Some are for their safety which I follow myself but what about other ones? Whatever rubbish the pundits say, they agree. A Brahmin boy much younger than you, doesn’t have his own view on anything only repeats what his father and grandfather had been telling him since childhood and you touch his feet. Manners and discipline! They canonize the burning of women after her husband death – Sati! All this rubbish instantly evokes their sense of pride, their completely immoral sense of morality & spirituality. Leave aside not stepping into others boundaries, when they see a woman talking to a stranger they talk all the shit about her. Yes, they take pride in carrying this filth. So what if they are always involved in it! They force her either to deal with men as they want or terminate the friendship. “I will choose your friends! “( My reply would be–let me choose yours first!) . And talk about an insightful speech by Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev who has spoken at UNO on inner engineering , they suddenly become “educated” and laugh at you! You follow Babas! How illiterate! Really? 😀 Hilarious! Yet , it is a pitiful picture of our society that completely lacks true morality . Even if it is about some controversial baba, it is a discussion and debate! Why can’t I put my views or support them the same as I oppose them? My own freedom to choose is foremost! You can oppose that too without stepping into my boundary but you can’t choose for me.