Child Pornography & Rape Videos

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What is child pornography?

Child pornography, rape, sneakily taken pics of women in public places all are part of pornography business. I don’t oppose pornography just because it is about sex. I can choose not to watch it if I don’t want to. But, day-by-day it is becoming omnipresent! Pervades all kinds of visual media. The largest number of consumers of porns belong to the teenage population. Of course, they are most sensitive about its benefic effects. 🙂 I concede that from movies to magazines, TV channels, newspaper along with the all mighty internet–all are flooded with semi-porn( I don’t mean just nude pics) and it is no more a topic of discussion. Yet, child porn, rape videos–all fall under pornography. Well, before we assess its effects on ones thoughts and actions, we must consider that this is something really happening during the shoot!  An innocent child who has no idea what is being done to her….Further explanation is not needed. Even the thought of it is disturbing. What kind of freedom is this?? But, it has nothing to do with any freedom. It is about making money–at any cost! No. Not everyone or everything is acceptable as it is!! It is the result of a sick and severely damaged mentality. And rape? Let us say, all rape videos are fake, yet don’t they make rape acceptable in the society? It is not the rape scene in a movie where they depict the conditions in which such heinous crimes take place, how dreadful it is and how they result into more crime. In a porn video, rape is watched for its sheer enjoyment. Can we expect a porn (rape videos) watcher to protect women in society or give a helping hand or save a woman from being raped?? And we talk about a society which is safe for women! 😀 These people have more chances to rape a woman or remain a mute bystander when a woman is being raped so that they can enjoy watching it, don’t they?


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