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And It Just Doesn’t Matter..

Whether I take the center stage or lost in the crowd
Till I am in touch with my inner flow,
Neither regretting nor proud
It doesn’t matter.

We all have our own experiences, opinions and views
They are not to judge, control or push another
But to assess if they are of any use
Because, it doesn’t matter.

If you are unable to conceive that each is just as capable as you
When you pity the poor & helpless, show sympathy
Unaware, your sense of pity is not true
And it just doesn’t matter.

You aver your opinions, declare  one sad and another happy,
Can we gauze our own perspective with a judging mind?
And then all this sounds too crappy
So, it just doesn’t matter.

You have a set of parameters to judge betise and wise
And you find yourself better than fools
Perhaps, are looking for a prize
But, it just doesn’t matter.

And when you are filled with pride and boasting of your darkness
Yet, kind enough to lift ones up whom you think are fallen
And laughing at those who are still in harness
No, it just doesn’t matter.

I remain indifferent whether you call it defense or call it attack,
Alas! opinions are not empathy but just  opinions
But you said what goes, comes back
Hence, it just doesn’t matter.

The soul is free and is far beyond any restrictions or politics
Above any victory, defeat or any death
You win or lose or play any tricks
Ultimately, it just doesn’t matter.


~ Smita Ray



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